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Pathfinder Languages—96/

Spirit Folk, Bamboo
Spirit Folk, River
Spirit Folk, Sea
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自慢する: jimansuru: boast [brag] of, be proud [vain, boastful] of, bride oneself (on)
意地の汚い: ijinokitanai: greedy <<< 汚
意地悪: ijiwaru: nastiness, malice, maliciousness, viciousness <<< 悪
意地悪な: ijiwaruna: ill-natured, cross, nasty, malicious, vicious
意地の悪い: ijinowarui
意地が悪い: ijigawarui: be ill-natured, have bad idea
意地悪く: ijiwaruku: ill-naturedly, unfortunately
意地っ張りの: ijipparino: obstinate, stubborn <<< 張 , 頑固
意地が有る: ijigaaru: have a strong will, have backbone <<< 有
意地を通す: ijiotoosu: have one’s will [one’s own way] <<< 通
意地を張る: ijioharu: be [grow] obstinate [stubborn] <<< 張
意地に成る: ijininaru <<< 成
意地に成って: ijininatte: stubbornly, doggedly

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